Shocking beach litter in Naples

As featured on Corona Save the Beach



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2 responses to “Shocking beach litter in Naples

  1. The beaches of Napoli are some of the most gorgeous beaches of the world — and I agree, also some of the dirtiest! I can offer as an excuse that as a result of the ‘garbage wars’ that Napoli went through (and continues to go through), that people were left to toss garbage where they could. Reality is though that these beaches have been dirty and neglected for several years – we have driven the area several years and always the same! It is a heartbreak because more tourists would go there if they cleaned up the decaying areas – and the tourism money would be awelcome help albeit aslo a frustration for them!

    • dirtybeaches

      Thanks Bonnie – I wasn’t aware of the ‘garbage wars’ (have googled it now!)
      It is a great shame that such a an amazing part of the world can be so uncared for. Hopefully the media attention this summer on coastal pollution and ecology will draw attention to it and something will get done. I guess they must get so bad that the locals can’t make a dent in the rubbish either. Very sad

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