How can I help?

As well as taking personal responsibility for cleaning up your own litter whilst on the beach, why not take a few minutes to pick up any other rubbish left lying about, and encourage others to do the same.

Many people are under the impression that our beaches are clean and safe to bathe in. Unfortunately this is not the case, as the many reports on this blog show.

Cigarette butts are a particular problem on our beaches, over 1.9 million butts were recorded in 2006 from beaches around the world. (Ocean Conservancy, 2007). Cigarette butts are non boidegarble, and made from a type of plastic which will hang around for many years. They have been found in the gutswhales, dolphins, sea birds, fish and turtles. So take your butts home with you, use a portable ashtray – or even better don’t take your ciggies to the beach!

There are many projects you can get involved in – visit the websites to the right to find out more.

If you live near or have recently visited a particularly bad beach environment, you can send photos or videos to Corona Save the Beach, who are running a fantastic campaign this summer to clean up europes beaches. The ‘winner’ – the worst beach will be cleaned up and managed properly.


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