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Artists helping Corona Save The Beach

Corona Save The Beach have just launched an art competition on Deviant Art – inviting artists to create work on the theme of beach conservation, litter, pollution and green living. The winning works will be put on display on the Save The Beach website mid September.

Until then you can find out more on Deviant Art


Interested in entering? Here’s the Artists Brief..

Artists are invited to enter artwork in any medium on the theme of beach conservation,litter and pollution. This could be sculptural – created from actual litter and debris you find at the beach, and then photographed (great examples of environmental beach litter art by artist Jane Rose can be seen here: [link]) or even create sand sculptures!
If you don’t live near a beach, you can submit photography, digital pieces, photo manipulations or traditional art depicting the plight of our beaches and the need to conserve them. You can also include text if you wish, or add Corona Save The Beach banners

More about the Project..

The Corona Save The Beach campaign is a pioneer environmental initiative to identify, clean up and preserve the beaches of Europe and educate the public about the importance of keeping beaches clean. The campaign is supported by the Foundation for Environmental Education and it’s Blue Flag programme, the quality seal awarded each year to beaches and marinas meeting strict environmental criteria. As well as running this art contest, members of the public were invited to send in their photographs or videos of dirty beaches they visit. In July 2009, Capocotta, a beach on the Roman coast, was the beach chosen by a public vote to be cleaned. Capocotta was shortlisted along with other areas including Puertito de Guimar in Tenerife, Spain, Heraclion in Greece and a beach in Norfolk, UK.
Start preparing your entries for the 2010 Corona Save the Beach campaign – get behind your local beach and it may be the winning beach to be “saved” by Corona.

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Corona save the Beach Campaign

The Blue Flag Programme is cooperating with Corona Extra on the Corona Save the Beach Campaign.

CoronaEvent-London 007-small2.jpg

Corona Extra is our new partner and has launched the project Corona Save the Beach (www.coronasavethebeach.org), with the help of top model Bar Refaeli, fashion firm Custo Barcelona and singer and eco-activist Xavier Rudd.

Created to rally beach enthusiasm, Corona Save the Beach will fully recover at least one beach a year. We would like you to watch this video and to log on to www.coronasavethebeach.org to participate and give testimony of the degradation of the beaches.

Read the original article from blueflag.org here

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